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Good or Bad?

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A flock of migrating birds started their journey towards the east, leaving behind the cold winters of the west, in search of warmth. A small bird from their group ignored them and was determined to stay back and continue to live in that freezing winters. She was confident that she does not need to do migrate and can easily sustain the chills. Everything seemed well for the first couple of weeks. The little bird was enjoying her “me time” in her native place and was proud of her decision of staying back. She used to do her daily routine of singing eating and sleeping until the harsh cold winds started to blow. It was freezing cold with a temperature of -34 degrees celcius. Much worse than the bird had imagined. Soon her “me time” became her worst times. She got freeze and fell to the ground, unable to move, she started crying in pain and regret. She now was cursing herself of the decision of not moving with the flock.