Good or Bad?

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A flock of migrating birds started their journey towards the east, leaving behind the cold winters of the west, in search of warmth. A small bird from their group ignored them and was determined to stay back and continue to live in that freezing winters. She was confident that she does not need to do migrate and can easily sustain the chills. Everything seemed well for the first couple of weeks. The little bird was enjoying her “me time” in her native place and was proud of her decision of staying back. She used to do her daily routine of singing eating and sleeping until the harsh cold winds started to blow. It was freezing cold with a temperature of -34 degrees celcius. Much worse than the bird had imagined. Soon her “me time” became her worst times. She got freeze and fell to the ground, unable to move, she started crying in pain and regret. She now was cursing herself of the decision of not moving with the flock.

As she lay down on the ground, almost unconscious, a cow was passing by. The cow felt an urgent need of relieving herself just near the place where the bird was lying. Cow released the dung exactly on the bird. The little bird shouted at the cow and complained of the stinks that now covered her whole tiny body. But the very next moment, she felt the warmth of the cow dung and started gaining health again. Once she started feeling lively, started chirping with joy. And, the next flock of birds that were flying to the east, followed the sound and reached to the little bird who was dipped in cow dung. One of the birds from the flock started removing the dung from the little bird. The little bird was feeling good, she was warm now and was been cleaned and soon she’ll also be able to fly towards the east and finally meet her family. But little did she know, the bird cleaning her was a hunter bird and was just preparing her a meal. She cleaned the bird and killed her and ate. Finished! One moment the little bird was filled with joy, the other with regret and pain, and then again the joy and then pain.

So what do you think? Was her decision, not to go with her family, good or bad? Well, now that you know the complete story, you would be 100% sure that the decision was bad for her. Now transfer the whole scenario in your life and decide whether what you are going through is good or is it bad? This time I’m sure that you won’t have any answers, and that’s our reality. We do not know whether anything that we are going through is good for us or really bad. Hence, the best thing that we can do is to meet the situations as they are, without getting too affected by one particular failure and one particular win. Remember that our endeavor, which no doubt, is important but it’s just a tiny part of the factors that make our fate. Rest all depends on numerous other factors, way beyond our control. And we need not worry about those things, as they are being taken care of by Krishna (or the gods you would believe in). Our only role to play is to put in efforts, not with pride or for unhealthy competition with others but with humility and to beat ourselves. We should endeavor to become our better selves each day and stop worrying about the results.

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