Boolean Function Synthesis using Gated Continuous Logic Network

I am currently working on Boolean Function Synthesis with Stanly Samuel under the advisory of Prof. Aditya Kanade, Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharyya and Prof. Deepak D’Souza.

Challenges faced:

  1. Small dataset.
    • If sampled only boolean values for each variables then the dataset would be very limited.
    • Solved it by emplyoing fractional sampling.
  2. Conversion from verilog to python3.
    • Verilog is a declarative language while Python is an imperativie language.
    • This created dependency issues in the python file.
    • Built DAG and performed topological sort to resolve the dependencies.

Generating Grammar Rules for Syntax-Guided Synthesis using Deep Neural Network:

Report Data_Generation_Flow_Diagram

Synthesizing Programs from Logical Constraints using Neural Network:

In this project our aim was to discover whether the Neural Networks can understand the Semantics of Logical Constraints or not. If it captures the semantics then, is it able to synthesize meaningful programs from the constraints or not. We experimented with the Conditional Linear Integer Arithmetic track from the SyGuS competition 2019. In a Multi-Modal setting, we used a GGNN and a GRU for encoding the constraints and an GRU for decoding final programs. This project was done during the course Program Synthesis meets Machine Learning (Jan’20, Jun’20). I worked in this project along with Stanly Samuel under the guidance of Prof. Deepak D’Souza, Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharyya, and Dr. Sriram Rajamani (Microsoft). GitHub


Learning in Sparse Reward Environment:

Studied what is sparse reward and how the agent learns to achieve the desired goal even with binary rewards. In this project we implemented the Hindsight Experience Replay. We also studied with the help of experimentation, the e ect of Demonstrations. Finally, we even implemented HER for Dynamic environments. This Project done during the course Machine Learning (Jan’20, Jun’20). I worked in this project along with Mariamma Antony(PhD), Vivek Khandelwal(Masters), and Jagriti Singh(PhD) under the guidance of Shubham Gupta.